HelloThis is meA nerdy person with an OK personalityI will take you through my lifeWhat I think about dailyA constant routine I go throughThe thought process, mainly I'm used to sympathyI'm used to neglect I'm used to flatteryI'm used to disrepect  I'm used to friendsI'm used to strangers I'm used happy nightI'm used to parents with hangovers I'm used to quietI'm used to arguments The room filled with questions I'm used to sadness and painwith the renuwel of water down the drain I'm used to hardworkI'm used to laziness I'm used to health I'm used to sickness  I'm used to open eyesI'm used to tired nights I'm used to countless work on an idea taken into context I'm used to believing and thinking the bestI'm used to following ideas, dreams, thoughtsI'm used to taking things to the next level And at the end of the day I take a step back I look at my progress My well earned pat on the back And when I go to my finished product And expect things to work I realize it's one of those days Many to come, most buried in the dirt I walk back to Earth, my head low with disapointment Back into the box, cold greetings and ammendments For this is my life For this is my world What did you expect? Something better? Or something worse?