🌙 T R I G G E R🌙

Imperial Hopes 1

"Imperial Hope, that's what they taught me" -Trigger

Name Trigger
Nicknames Trig, Gunner
Age 10
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Breed Austraillian Shepard
Personality Loyal, Hardworking, Playful, Flirty, Funny, Kind, Caring, Tough
Description Grey, black and brown patches with a creamy undercoat, one blue eye and one amber eye

Family Tree

Father: Deceased

​Step-Father: None

​Mother: Deceased

​Step-Mother: None

​Sister(s): None

​Step-Sister(s): None

​Brother(s): None

Step-Brother(s): None


Current Crush: None

​Past Crush: None


​Current mate: None

​Past Mate: None


​Son(s): None

​Daughter(s): None

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