ūü󼬆S A G E ūüóĽ



" I have never felt that cold in my life.."-Sage

Name Sage
Nicknames Frosty, Sag
Gender Female
Age 4
Sexuality Homosexual
Breed Fluid
Personality Shy, Sweet, Kind, Timid, Caring, Quiet, Clumsy
Description Short with white and black patches on her ginger fur, one blue eye and one brown eye

 Family Tree

‚ÄčFather: Shard

'‚Äč'Step-Father: None

‚ÄčMother: Acadia

‚ÄčStep-Mother: None

‚ÄčSister(s): Butterscotch, Hera

‚ÄčStep-Sister(s): None

‚ÄčBrother(s): Hex, River

‚ÄčStep-Brother(s): None


‚ÄčCurrent Crush: None

‚ÄčPast Crush: None


‚ÄčCurrent Mate: None

‚ÄčPast Mate: None

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