"Camped by the ocean is my favorite place" -June
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Basic Info
June Griffon Norway
June-Bug, June-Bean, J-Bean, Griffon


Age 17
Birthday 01-27-2000
Grade 11th
School Lakewood Academy Highschool
Rank Queen
In School Activites Swimming & Dance
Boyfriend Jason Compton
Bestfriend Mikki Renalds
Sibling(s) Emily Norway (Deceased) & Derik Norway (Deceased)
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June is a very anitsocial girl but she pushes it aside so she isn't lonely. She loves hanging out with her friends and having fun with them. She can get quiet and shy sometimes but she is usually very calm and sweet. She had a dark past so she is afraid to have a dark future so she is trying to shed some light on her life. She is very sweet and kind but she can get stubborn and cold sometimes.
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June grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with her sister, Emily, brother, Derik, parents, Amira and Hamish Norway, and two dogs, a German Shepard named Trigger and a Pitbull named Spike. She was so happy with all of her friends and family. But then out of no where they had to start moving to different cities. She stayed in Houston, Texas and met Darren, a flirty and atheltic young man. The two fell in love and they started to date until she had to move. He was angry and broke up with her, leaving her broken hearted when she moved to Miami, California. The same thing happened with Daniel Morris, a punky rebel with a sarcastic additude.

​She soon moved away again with a heavy and broken heart with Daniel breaking up with her. She soon moved to Cleveland, Ohio. They moved into a fancy mansion and everything was fine until that one day. Emily and June were just walking down the street untill a speeding truck came flying at them. Emily pushed June out of the way and was hit by the car instead of June getting hit. The cost of that was her life and June will forever live with that burden, feeling like it was her fault. So she decided to start to take pictures as memories that she would keep close to her heart.

After that day they moved again to Chicago, Illinois and June's parents divorced, Amira, Miss Norway, taking Derik and Hamish, Mr. Norway, taking June. He and June moved into an apartment while Miss Norway and Derik moved into a fancy house. Both the parents started to drink to drown out the sorrow and pain and started to abuse June everytime she was at their places. Over the weekend she would swich from going to her Mother's house to her Father's apartment. That's when she started to try to commit suicide. She tried it twice. The night she tried to commit suicide, June was kidnapped by a gang on her way home and was gang rapped and they gave her a belly piercing by force, when she didn't want one.

Soon school started up and this school wasn't the best. She started to get bullied and abused and one of them, raped her twice. She carried that burden, not trusting anyone anymore. She used to be so social but she was turning anitsocial because of what was happeneing to her. She never would have a friend anymore. Until she came to Lakewood Academy Highschool and met Ashley, Lark and Mikayla. She became a Queen and best friends with the three. That was where her story ended, and that is also where is began..

Later in her story, June was told that her father was going to get married to a rich designer, Jessica Smith, who will join June's family with her daughter, Taylor Smith. She runs away for a bit and finds Micky, Panda, and Oreo, three Maine Coon kittens. She takes them home and nurses them to health and they wanted to stay with her so she kept them. Soon she found and injured Siberian Husky and takes it in, soon joining June's family as Snowbelle.

Soon while June's mother and brother are in the hospital and after June get's the results of her mother and brother's current state June and Jason share a moment together than become a couple together. And a week later, her mother died. June was heartbroken and barely talked to anyone in her moment of sorrow.

​Weels later a shooting started and Derik was one of them. Derik threatened to kill her and Jason and she shot him in the head. Later an earthquake happened and she lost Snowbelle and Pebble in the earthquake.

(If you would like a detailed story of June's backstory, I am writing a blog about it in detailed description. I will be uploading a chatper everyday. If I don't, I will try to double the next day. Here is the link)
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98%(Good friend)

99%(Best friend)

Ava 0%(Unknown)
Blair 0%(Unknown)
Blake 97%(Friend)
Callum 0%(Unknown)
Cassie 0%(Unknown)
Caterina 0%(Unknown)
Charlie 0%(Unknown)
Claire 97%(Friend)
Daisy 0%(Unknown)




Ethan 0%(Unknown)
Henry 0%(Unknown)
Jason 100%(Boyfriend)
Jazzie 0%(Unknown)
Jillian 0%(Unknown)
Justin 0%(Unknown)
Kathryn 0%(Unknown)
Kaelyn 0%(Unknown)
Keegan 0%(Unknown)

100%(First friend/Best friend)



Melissa 0%(Unknown)
Onyx 0%(Unknown)
Page 0%(Unknown)
Percy 0%(Unknown)
Reagan 99%(Best friend)
Sarah 0%(Unknown)
Shakira 0%(Unknown)
Shawn 100%(Best friend)
Skylar 99%(Best friend)
Stevie 0%(Unknown)
Topaz 0%(Unknown)
Wenston 0%(Unknown)
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  • Four year old June
  • Ten year old June
  • Sixteen year old June
  • June Norway(Now)
  • Twenty-Two year old June
  • June reading a book
  • June getting a smoothie
  • June doing some yoga
  • June making some pancakes
  • June swimming with dolphins <3
  • June in the water
  • June & Mikki at the beach
  • June & Mikki drinking some Boba Tea
  • June & Mikki walking along the beach
  • June & Mikki taking a picture
  • June & Mikki watching the sunset
  • June & Mikki in Rio for New Years
  • June & Mikki wearing flower crowns
  • June & Mikki at a carnival
  • June & Mikki eating watermelon
  • June & Mikki taking another picture
  • June, Clelia, & Mikki
  • June & Jason kissing
  • Trigger (Austrailian Shepard)
  • Trigger sitting in a meadow of flowers
  • Spike (Corman Shepard)
  • Spike on a walk
  • Willow (Sehpard Chow)
  • Willow as a puppy
  • Sage (Goberian)
  • Sage sitting in the grass
  • Chance (Chusky)
  • Chusky on a walk in the snow
  • Cookie (Fluffy Toy Dog)
  • Cookie in the leaves
  • Bella & Ella (Pembroke Sheltie)
  • Bella & Ella as puppies
  • Rama (Bengal Tiger)
  • Rama fighting a Sloth Bear
  • Butterscotch's First Picture (Golden Retriever - Deceased)
  • Butterscotch's Last Picture
  • Ricky (Golden Retriever)
  • Ricky with Butterscotch
  • Leo (Leonberger)
  • Leo at the beach
  • Dinozzo (Fox cub) & Ziva (Collie)
  • Dinozzo & Ziva<3
  • Jack Norway Smith
  • Amira Norway (Deceased)
  • June's house
  • Kitchen
  • Family Room
  • Living Room
  • Office
  • Yoga Room
  • Deck
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Exercise Room
  • Laundry Room
  • June's Room
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Austrailian Shepard, Chusky, Bengal Tiger

Vanilla, Chocolate, Rain
Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes

Hunger Games Series & Maze Runner Series

Movie(s) Hunger Games, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, Maze Runner, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials
Food(s) Watermelon, Mac + Cheese, Strawberry
Drink(s) Boba Tea, Smoothies
Flower(s) Plumeria, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise
Past Time

Swimming, Volleyball, Singing, Dancing, Watching movies, Reading books, Hanging out with friends

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