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Full Name: Breanna Lynn Tubbs

​Nicknames: Breezer, Fabreezer, Dorkasourus-Rex, Retarundo, BLT, Laughing Ass, Scardy-Cat

​Gender: Female

​Sexuality: Heterosexual

​Age: 17

​Birthday: Jaunary 27th

​Love Intrest: Xavi <3

​Occupations: Trying to do art, Trying to sing, Hoceky, Trying to do tennis, Volleyball, Snuggling fluffy blankets, Loving Xavi, Watching paranormal stuff then getting terrified

​Zodiac Symbol: Aquarius

​Spirit Animal: Pony




​Breanna is a very dorky and weird girl. She tries to be herself but she doesn't always try because she is afraid of people judging her. That's one reason why Breanna doesn't try to make friends. Another is because she sometimes thinks new friends are just a waste of her time because she might forget about them. Usually when she has a problem, she tries to solve it herself. Sometimes she asks for help. Breanna can kind of be lazy sometimes but she can also be very commited to doing something. She always acts tough but she is actually just afraid inside. Breanna says alot of things she doesn't mean and regrets alot of it. She always wants to explore and tries to act tough but yeah, she is always scared. She always watches paranormal stuff and gets scared and yet she continues to watch it. She is easily scared of bees and hates them, even if they make flowers grow and stuff. And she is very competetive so try not to get in her way that much during something that looks important to her.. hehe.. And she is in love with Leap Day and Anime so much. And she gets easily distracted.




​Breanna has long brown hair with blonde tips and brown eyes. She usually wears comfortable clothes unless she is forced to wear something for a party or school for picture day. She usually comes home with marker markings on her fingers from trying to do art and sometimes some cuts or bruises from falling, getting a paper cut or almost getting into a fight




​Kai 'Xavi' - 100% - Boyfriend <3

​April - 100% - Close Friend




​Favourite Food = Watermelon

​Favourite Drink = Water

​Favourite Movie = Currently The Space Between Us

​Favourite Book = Warriors: Into The Wild

​Favourite Sport = Hockey <3

​Favourite Animal = Australian Shepherd

​Favourite Smell = Watermelon

​Favourite Feeling: A fluffy blanket

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