• H O P E •

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• P R O L O G U E •

June watched as her mother carried a few boxes to their moving van. Yep. They were moving. Moving to a town called Lakewood. June didn't know about the idea but it's not like she could stop it. June walked inside the almost empty house and grabbed two boxes. She fellt her phone buzz and ignored it. ​Probably some 'insulting' texts from that group of kids. ​June thought, glancing at her scarred arms. She sighed, shaking her head and walked outside, over to the moving van, and putting the boxes in it. She walked inside and looked around. It was completely empty. No furniture. No boxes. Nothing. She looked around and walked upstairs. She ignored her mother calling her and looked at her empty room. She sighed and walked downstairs and ran over to her mother and brother, waiting by the car. Derik, her brother, got in the passengers seat while her mother got in the drivers seat. June sat down in the back and looked at all of the texts.

Text: You know, your nothing but a selfish, ugly slut. You should just go die. Maybe then everyone would actually be happy without you in their lives.

June bit her lip, fighting back tears. ​Nobody gets me. Honestly, I don't want to try anymore. Everyone hates me and my life is a mess. I should just die.. ​She pulled her legs up to her chest and cried silently as they drove to Lakewood where she would start all over. At least try to.

• C H A P T E R  O N E •

Six year old June was playing with Butterscotch, Ricky and Derik in the yard while Emily watched them and her parents made dinner. They were playing tag together. June giggled as Derik started to catch up with June, Ricky and Butterscotch. Derik tackled June playfull with Butterscotch and Ricky leaping onto the top. The two laughed and Butterscotch and Ricky just barked. It was July 2nd 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. " June! Derik! Dinner! " June followed Emily inside with Derik, Ricky and Butterscotch following. Emily helped June and Derik up to their chairs and sat down in her own. They said their prayers and began to eat. " Mama? " June asked after eating a spoonful of broccoli. " Yes June dear? " Her mother, Amelia Norway, answered. " What are we going to do for the Fourth Of July? " June asked, eating another spoonful of broccoli. " Well we are going to go on the deck and watch the fireworks. " Her mother replied. " Okay! " June smiled bright smile.

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