⦉ C H A N C E  



"They took me, used me as nothing but a tool. Nothing like that could be erased from my mind, nothing"-Chance

Name Chance
Nicknames Cha-Cha, Chan
Gender Female
Age 10
Breed Chusky
Sexuality Bisexual
Personality Cold, Quiet, Calm, Caring
Description Tall, Ginger, curled tail, white undercoat

Family Tree

​Father: Neboris

​Step-Father: None

​Mother: Ruta

​Step-Mother: None

​Sister(s): Emily

​Step-Sister(s): None

​Brother(s): James

​Step-Brother(s): None


​Current Crush: None

​Past Crush: None


​Current Mate: None

​Past Mate: None

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