It was midnight, July 31, 1981. As the clock struck twelve, not a soul dared leave their bed. For none wanted to be caught by none other but a night dweller. Life ruiners. Dream threateners. They had all the power, and we had none. My curtains rustled, my window was open. Oh dear, but I couldn't leave my bed. I burrowed under the blankets, trying desperately to stay warm, despite the chill sweeping along my toes and up my small build. I could see dark shapes moving outside, along the rooftops. I held my breath and stayed frozen still as they looked into my window, reaching in with their long, scraggly hands and taking everything in sight. I held back a scream when they picked up my bed. I eventually felt it touch down on the floor again, and I suddenly felt warmer. I peeped out the covers. My room windows were closed. They had finished with me. 

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