After graduating high school at Lakewood Academy High, Kathryn goes on to Cherry Side College, a quaint little college for learning medicine and nursing. After earning her degree in medicine their, Kathryn moves on to another Med School, a harsher, stricter one, learning more medicine. It is very different from Cherry Side and she feels quite pressured at times, but she manages to graduate and earn another degree. She then gets accepted as a doctor to Lakewood Hospital. Kathryn is a pediatrician, working with children and babies. A year later, Maxwell starts work as an intern at the hospital. Kathryn likes him immediately and the two begin to date. 88 dates later, a wedding occurs. After a year of marriage, a baby is born. Kathryn's first child, Louise Alexandra Paige Brown, is now in her tenth grade at Lakewood Academy High School. They name the baby Anastacia Faith Brown.

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