Note: Yes I Am Doing All Of This Is Lowercase, Since I'll Be Posting This On Wattpad

When I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock I had two things on my mind: Starbucks and the gym. Although I hated working out it helped me relax. The past few years had been stressful, being a high school drop-out didn't help much either. I was around 17 when I made the brilliant idea to drop-out of high school, what I would consider my first mistake. I lost almost all my friends since my parents had kicked me out of the house and told me to move. Practically banished from the city, by my parents. Great parents I had.

Rachelle was the only friend I didn't lose. Thanks to her I don't live in a car, I live in a decent-sized apartment in New York. The apartment had two bedrooms and one bathroom with a small kitchen and living room. For the first few months me and Rachelle lived together. Me and Rachelle both had jobs, we didnt get paid much but it paid the bills and kept us out of debt. Rachelle had been meeting up with someone secretly for a few months then left to go live with him. That left me with the apartment. I didnt mind it at first but being alone with a two bedroom apartment really made me desperate for a companion.