Blake ate cheetos on the street when all of a sudden BAAMMMMM!!!!!! A HELICOPTER COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND PICK HIM UP! Blake dropped his cheetos and yelled... a man walked up to hm. "Blake we need you for a mission!" Blake gASPED! "hwaattt?! what type of mission?" the man jumped in the air! "A SECRET MISSION BLAKE!" BLAKE NODDED AND PUT ON HIS SPY GEAR. the man cme at him "NOW BLAKE you must learn the ways of the secret snake slippery spy agency! Now left go left." Blake went left and jumped off the plane soaring through the sky like an eagle! He landed on a tree and slipped down the leaves and he was in a shark tank!!! He quickly and skillfuly stabbed thr shark with his own bare hands and THEN ate the shark. Blake went into the ocean and fought more and more monsters until he decided it was time for a rest. He walked into his motel room and flopped up and down on his bed. ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! a man in a mask comes at him "IM COMING FOR YOU BLAK!! YOU HAVE THE KEY TO EVERYTHINGGGGGGG! BLAKE GASPED AND JUJMPED UP "HOW DARE YOU AWAKEN ME YOU PEASENT!! the man fell to his knees and began praising blake "yes master!" Get mE more cheetos you bastarsd!" Blake kicked him and took the key and ran. He glided through the waves on his yacht until he reached his next check point. AAHAH I knew it!" shouted a creature with the body of a porcuipine the head of a monkey and the antlers of a goat! lake took out his flame thrower and burned it. A bright light showed in front of him with a message! Messee: BLAKE YOU"VE KILLED THE EVEL! NOW YOU MUST DeFEAT YURSELF! Blake entere into a small arena wher there were tons of screeching fans. Blake waved to them and saw a copy of himself in the other corenr "HO DARE YOU !!" "well you're quite handsome!" The oher blake said "Oh thank you" Blake said and then he swung out his machine gun and killed other blake. he was asked for autographs and such and he signed everyone! He then got a nother message



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