• Cønverted

    Coding practice :p

    August 24, 2017 by Cønverted
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  • Cønverted

    rip Faith :')

    August 5, 2017 by Cønverted

    Well, going to delete the content because Alex mistook it for me stealing her coding. Alex, I'll just have you know that I do my own coding, and you can look around. I do my own coding. I used to ask Faith to code for me, but she did it willingly, and if she wants those borders taken down, I'm more than happy to make new ones.

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  • Cønverted

    Hello hello! Piper has 4 kittens, but unfortunately can't take care of them, due to allergy. So, she's giving them to good homes. Here are the kittens!

    Notice: All kittens have been adopted! Thank you!

    1st kitten!

    File-Half blind-Male-Taken by: Mi-Sun

    2nd kitten!

    Ferris-Bad leg-front left leg-Female-Taken by: Mi-Sun

    3rd kitten!

    Socks-No disabilities-Male-Taken by: Lynn

    4th kitten!

    Maisy-No disabilities-Female-Taken by: Ashley

    Note: Maisy is the runt of the litter!


    OC name:

    Relationship with Piper (Optional):

    Which kitten do you want?:

    Why would you like a kitten:

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  • Cønverted

    Knock Knock..

    July 28, 2017 by Cønverted
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  • Cønverted

    Raven's Cry

    July 20, 2017 by Cønverted


    Derek had just learned the happiest news of his life. His baby had been born. He hopped into his car, and drove at too fast of a speed for his own safety. At a red light, he attempted to stop, but was thrown forward, and crashed into a few other cars. Derek was fading in and out of consciousness. He coughed. Shouts, screams, and gasps filled the atmosphere. He heard sirens in the background. He was lifted out of his car, and set on a stretcher. 

    He woke up in a hospital bed. "Mm.. My baby!" He tried to sit up, but his back refused. He groaned. Lily wiped tears from her face. "Derek.." "Lily, may I see my daughter..?" Lily nodded without hesitation, and passed the little, black haired bundle into Derek's arms. "She's beautiful." Dere…

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