aka Curropt Icy's oc's

  • I live in wakanda
  • My occupation is corrupting Icy's oc's
  • I am curropting Icy's oc's


(Credit to Stitched _Spirit for the coding)


• Ashton | 14 | Male | Straight | Currently Single •

Ello there, name's Ashton, or as my step sister calls me, Asston. I am a typical 14 year old with ADHD and selective OCD. I find coding interesting, and drawing as well. Favorite song? Well I like music, but I do love Childish Gambino and all his amazing songs, along with Kodaline, John legend and all that. I do like rap, but it's not my favorite. Umm, and that's that, besides the fact that I love Saint Bernards. I am a sugar daddy to Jason and Landon is my papi. #Kandon :) I like being annoying and I can be a douche so sorry if you get in between my mess.

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