- Only going to use stuff from the old L.A.H.S. Shipping Page for now as a sort of place holder ex: the categories, the descriptions of the categories, possibly the characters as well, etc.
     - Figure out categories (Ex: Ships, Couples, "How It Happened", etc.)
     - Create descriptions for categories underneath, not too long to be excessive but not too short to not explain it all
     - Figure out pagedoll that divides the categories, try to fix the color to either match the background roses or the roses in the "The Gardens" image of the hound
     - Figure out how you're going to format the sub pages, ex: ship pages and what you want to do with them format and concept wise
     - Remember to add credit at the bottom, if you do end up using the pagedoll (pixel rose)
     - Decide on whether to add information box at the beginning like on the original L.A.H.S. Shipping Page, the whole "original creator" and founder thing with the box and etc.
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Welcome to the


L.A.H.S. Shipping Page

━━━ ❝ Sweethearts ❞ ━━━
Sweethearts is the categories for all the couples of L.A.H.S.! However it doesn't mean that these are truly Highschool Sweethearts and that they will stay together through high school and get married. This is where current couples are written down and you can even click on them to go to sub pages all about the couple!

Couple (Link Page to it and use full names)
For Example:
June Norway and Jason Compton


━━━ ❝ Ships ❞ ━━━
Ships is where different ships are listed, whether it's a genuine ship or just a joke ship! Which will be marked of course. Similar to the Sweethearts category, there will be some ships that have pages linked to them which are all about the ship

Ship (Link page to it if there is one, also mark if it's a genuine ship or a joke ship)
For Example:
June x Jason (Genuine)
Ethan x Joe (Genuine)
June x Depression (Joke)


━━━ ❝ How It Happened ❞ ━━━
The How It Happened section is is quite simple, basically what it says. This is where the couples are described as how it happened, how they met and and how they fell in love. Some are simple and some are complex, however these couples shouldn't be judged by how the met and fell in love

Couple and then description underneath
For Example:
June Norway and Jason
Description of how they met and how they fell in love


━━━ ❝ The Albums ❞ ━━━
The Albums isn't as simple of a name as How It Happened or Ships, but basically this is a section where you can post songs about a pair of people, like a romantic song or even a break-up song for people who are no longer together

Insert Song name by artist with link
For Example:
June Norway and Jason Compton:
Honeybee by The Head And The Heart


Credit to ProfileDecor for the pixel rose

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