❝And why would I do that?❞

【 Basic Information 】

Full Name: Ethan Oladis Norway
Nickname(s): E

Age: 19 years old
Birthday: November 12th, 2000
        • Birthstone: Topaz
        • Zodiac: Scorpio
        • Element: Fire
School: Lakewood Academy High School
Grade: Senior

Gender: Cisgender Male
        • Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual (64% Male, 36% Female)
Status: Taken

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【 Physical 】

        • Skin Tone: Pale ivory
        • Hair Color: Dirty blonde
        • Eye Color: Grayish-blue
Scar(s): Ethan has a very scars across his body, many on his legs from his wreckless childhood. He has a large scar from a gunshot wound on his shoulder that isn't very noticeable, and a scar on his side from a knife
Extra(s): Ethan has many tattoos across his arms that don't really have any significant meaning, and they aren't very spread out

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