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Shawn Smith Renalds

Age & Birthdate

January 4th 1999

Bisexual Bean c:
Volleyball, Surfing, Football, Singing, Guitar
Mikki Renalds
Lakewood Academy High School
Bf/Gf Crush?

Shawn was born on July 7th, the year 1999. The following year, his sister, Mikki, was born. Shawn & Mikki grew up in Hawaii. Their parents sadly passed away over seas, so they lived with their neighbors, until their aunt and uncle decided to take them in. When Shawn was 5, he got into surfing. He wasn't the best, but he got better and better each time he practiced. Later when he was waiting to surf, he watched people play beach volleyball. He became interested, so he did both. When he and his family spent the night at the beach, they sat around the campfire and sang songs. Shawn gave it a try and turned out to love the occupation. Every night he would take guitar lessons, along with singing lessons. At the age of ten, is when his parents passed away. He continued his lessons, but he and his sister were still depressed. After a few years, 8 years actually, his aunt and uncle stepped in to take care of them. Now school is started and Shawn and Mikki are attending Lakewood Academy High school. Shawn has made great friends, and Mikki as well. Shawn soon got to know a guy named Jimmi. This is when he knew he was not straight. He felt feelings for Jimmi. He now has a crush on Jimmi <3 <3 <3

Shawn has dark brown hair, and blue eyes. He is 5'8, and wears normal, everyday clothing. When going to parties, he will throw on somewhat fancy clothing, when a special occasion he will throw on a tux, and for school he will just wear what ever he can find in his closet and dresser.
  • 5 Year old Shawn
  • 10 year old Shawn
  • 14 year old Shawn
  • 16 year old Shawn
  • Shawn (18)
  • Shawn In His Room, In Hawaii
  • Shawn and his Friend
  • Shawn at the beach
  • Shawn Chilling
  • Shawn and Max (Both 14)
  • Shawn and friends, Shawn furthest to the right, All 13)
  • Rider, Shawn's Husky, 3 years
  • Rider as a puppy
  • Marvel Now
  • Marvel when Shawn first got him
  • Chip Now
  • Chip when Shawn fist adopted him
  • Bruno
  • Richard, 40, Father
  • Anne, 39, Mother
  • Mikki, 17, Sister
  • Shawn and Mikki's house
  • Shawn's Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Swimming Pool
  • Backyard Beach
  • Main Guitar
  • Tiffany, Shawn's old friend
  • Lance, Shawn's old friend
  • Georgia, Shawn's old friend
  • Alexander, Shawn's old friend
  • Ian, Shawn's old friend
  • Lily, Shawn's old friend
  • Max, Shawn's old friend
  • Shawn's friends: Archer, Hayley, Jordan, & Kevin
  • Jimmi, Shawn's Boyfriend
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