​ Serena James

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"You Inspire My Inner Serial Killer."

Full Name
Serena Danvers James
Rena, S
17 Years
BF or Crush
Theme Song(s)
Thunder ~Imagine Dragons


Only You ~Selena Gomez

Poetry, Reading, Guitar, & Keyboard/Piano
Darias, Sister



Serena grew up in Mesa, Arizona. She was born on February 3rd, the year 2000. At a young age, she loved guitar. She was practically born with one in hand. She took lessons for a long period of time, improving every time she practiced. Once she turned 10, she found a passion for keyboard. Serena practiced every other day on guitar, and the days she didn't were keyboard days. One day, she was home alone, practicing guitar with her sister, her dad ran into the room, panicked. He had tears rolling down his cheeks, and couldn't get a word out for 3 minutes. Once they finally got their father to speak, they all bursted into tears. Their mother had committed suicide. Not long after, their father was driving while intoxiacted, and drove off a bridge, killing him. Serena and her sister were sent to live with their grandparents. Serena didn't like it there, but it was that or foster care. She continued playing guitar and keyboard, but when she was feeling down, she would read, or even write poems. Now she lives in Lakewood, attending the school as well.


Serena is an adventurous person, always living life to the fullest. She is sly, sneaky, clever, etc. Serena is determined, and when she has an idea, she sticks with it. She is social, meaning she would be the person to just walk right up to someone, and introduce herself. She is a little less social now, due to both of her parents being dead.


Serena has light brown hair,  and even lighter brown highlights. She is 5'9 and has light green eyes.  She will usually be seen is rather comfortable clothing. She wears the same necklace around her neck, everyday. Serena has had that necklace since she was young, and brings it everywhere. She has a nose ring and a belly piercing.


  • 6 Year old Serena
  • 10 Year old Serena
  • 14 Year old Serena
  • 17 Year old Serena (Now)
  • House
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Jayla
  • Logan
  • Rory
  • Max
  • Gracey
  • Mother
  • Father
  • TBA
  • Darias, Serena's sister, Age: 10

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