pia tomesky


"don't be afraid to live"

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pia valentina tomesky
spanish american
nicknames pi, valentine 
14 years old december 20th 2003
generation 3rd         
sexuality bisexual  
crush seth  
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Pia, as she comes from Spain, has very fair, light brown skin. Her hair is dark brown and hangs down below her shoulders. It is slightly wavy, slightly straight, sort of a messy style. Her eyes are dark blue and her lips are a red-pink color. Her height is around 5'5, and she is considered skinny. Pia is an elite dancer, and she hopes to get a scholarship for dancing one day. She also quite enjoys writing, small stories, songs, dance routines.. anything really! Pia is an ambivert, meaning she is both and introvert, and extro! She also tends to be a bit dorky around others, and she has trouble understanding people and their emotions. Nevertheless, it still makes her a good friend.







"she's sweet, and we have a lot of classes together. she is fun to have around!"

trust ~ 88%



"he's funny and smart, and he is really good with people."

trust ~ 79%



"she is hillarious and kinda crazy, in a good way!"

trust ~ 90%



"She's super sweet and funny."

trust ~ 80%






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