"Bring it, bitch."



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Name Noah Woods
Gender Male
Age 16
Sextuality Heterosexual
Birthday December 12 2001
Rank Jock
Sports Football
Gf/Crush  None at the moment
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Height 5'4

Oc played by

Ethan Cutcosky



  Typical Fuckboy

Get's into fights often.


Protective of those he cares about.
Rather be feared than to have friends.
Get's in trouble at school alot.
Smokes and drinks every now and then.
Does drugs, weed and cocaine but rarely.
Is loyal and can keep a secret.
Isn't the relationship type a guy, more like a friends with benefits.
Most of his friends are older than him.
Has been in jail before.
Once you get to know him, he's a good guy.
Hate's rich snobs.





It all started when his mom left his dad for another manEdit

So his dad began drinking, and doing drugs

mother raped him

Noah was only 9 at the time

He would look after his father as he pitied him.

His father would throw bottles around the house alot

and start screaming at Noah for no reason

but Noah understood.

When he turned 12 he met up with some older kids from the neighborhood.

They offered him a better life and he accepted it.

They offered him drugs, alchohol and jobs so he could make money.

His father was arrested a month later for a hit and run. 

So he blamed himself for not being there and walked away from these friends.

As suspected child support came.

He was in foster care with some rich family that treated him terribly for 2 years.

Once he turned 13 his mother finally came back for him

and brought him to lakewood to live with her and Noah's stepdad and their daughter.

His stepdad was a abusive piece of shit that treated him and his mother terribly.

He would beat him and his mom almost every night until Noah learned to defend himself.

Noah got sent to juvy at 14 for trying to defend his mom from him.

Noah's half sister was older than Noah by a couple months and bailed him out about a year later. 

and she knew he would sneak out but she covered up for him.

Noah didn't like her at first but she grew on him like a real sister.

He would sneak out a lot to hang out with his new friends.

They would invite him to parties with older people,

and he later became well know with all of them.

Once his step sister moved out, she invited him to live with her,

under one condition, which was to enrol him in school.

So Noah accepted it and he started going to Lakewood.





Association Status Picture
David Woods Father Inmate No photo
Leah Michaels Mother Alive

No photo

N/A Step sister Alive No photo


-Great Dane

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Kayla Phillips Ex Alive
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Name Association Trust rate
None None None
None None None






Party Tonight!

Open invitation.

Where: Noah's friends place

Time: 8:00-10:00 E.T


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