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Sol Pancake's Luf = Alex (~Jedediah Is~)

AVabug's Luf = Cosette (Vanillian)

Jedediah's Luf = Sol Pancakes

Vanillian's Luf = AVabug

Penny's Luf = Xavi

Xavi's Luf = Penny

Ash's luf = Tea

Landon's Luf = Horses <3 (Especially Shira :P)

Sarah's Luf  = Pewdiepie let's plays 

Alex ($teriotypical)'s Luf  = 99 00

Faith's Luf  = All Dogs

​Hihowareyou's Luf = The Wiener Game :')

​TheOblivious's Luf = Harambe

TreesAreBig101~'s Luf = Pie

AVabug's Other Luf = Wi-Fi <3 

Penny's Other Luf = Blankets <3 

​My Dog's Luf (AVabug's dog<<) = aVa's Pants. :P


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