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❤︎ Information ❤︎

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❤︎ Rules and Regulations ❤︎

The following are the rules & regulations that are required to be followed by all members/editors at all times.

I. Inappropriate ships will not be permitted.

II. If someone wishes for a ship to be taken down, it HAS to be removed

III. People are allowed to add ships & photos. If not understood how to add them, contact Snappeapple on his message wall and he will add it for you.

IV. Do not ship newcomers, we would like you to get to know them before you ship them very quickly. Once you know them better you may ship them.

V. If any coding issues/difficulties with the page occur with other people, contact Snappleapple ASAP.

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❤︎ Ships ❤︎

Here, you may conjoin two peoples names together in which you hope will become a couple in the future, or think would make a cute couple.

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❤︎ Joke Ships ❤︎

This is where you can put your joke/funny ships. These are ones of which will never happen but are just for a laugh, to annoy your friend, or just plan explain your OC's personality better.

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❤︎ High School Sweet Hearts ❤︎

This list is the couples in L.A.H.S that are currently a real couple, not just a ship.

Paige X Ashley

Shawn X Corbin

Max X Dustin

Jason X June

Joe X Ethan  (the strongest ship)

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❤︎ Crush Collection ❤︎

Once you find out of of the LAHS students has a crushe, add it to this list to try and bump your favorite couples together, or to tell your crush that you like them without saying it to their face.

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❤︎ Notes to your Crush ❤︎

In notes to your crush, you can write a note to your crush and pour your heart out and not sign either your name, or your crushes. This will give the chance for people who don't want to admit their feelings a chance to come out without being judged.

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❤︎ Friendship Notes ❤︎

In this section you can write a nice note to your friends to show your appreciation and how much you truly love them. This section has been added to remind many people that love doesn't have to be on a romantic level, but can be between close friends too.


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❤︎ The Albums ❤︎

In The Albums, you can post links to ship theme songs. These songs can be either love related, friend related, or breakup related.


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❤︎ The Gallery ❤︎

This is where you can post all the fan art, photos, and memories of your favorite LAHS ships and couples!


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