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" It Takes The Sadness Of Life, To Appreciate The Beauty Of Death. " ~ Kate


Name Kate Sean Dawn
Age 17 Years
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Crush/Boyfriend N/A
Parents Carrie Timothy & Parker Dawn
Rank Emo
Occupation Horse Back Riding
Siblings Lily Dawn

" You Know My Name, Not My Story. " ~ Kate


Kate grew up in Seattle, Washington. She was born on January 3rd, 2000. She grew up in a simple home. Sort of. Her father is a drug dealer, and her mother was a bartender. Kate's mother was out late one day. Kate, being 6 and her sister 8, was watching cartoons while her sister was doing home work. They got a call. From the cops. Her mother was shot. Her father was no where to be seen, and was moved to the 'Lost/Missing' group. Kate and her sister were moved to a foster family. They lived there for 5 years. They were abused, and had no one to talk to but each other. Kate was now 11, and her sister 13. They heard a knock on the door, the cops. As if they had enough experiences with the cops, they brought good news. Their father was alive, and healthy. And luckily, the cops saw their foster parents abusing them, then arrested them both. Her birth father was able to take Kate and Lily back in his care. It was weird at first, but they got used to the feeling of only having one parent in the household. Kate turned 17, her father got a job offer. In Lakewood. He took it, and they moved there. They bought a lovely home, one with a basement. After her experiences, Kate began to choose a different life. Living in the shadows, suicide as an option, and drugs every once in a while. Did this make her emo? Apparently. Getting the nicknames: " Satan. " She wasn't bothered because it was given to her by her bff, until she got some questions from her sister. " Are you suicidal? Will you being emo affect your horse riding? How are the drugs? " Kate attempted suicide, no one found out but her sister. Ever since then, Lily has not said a word at all to Kate. But this is her life.


" Dont Judge A Woman By Her Piercings And Hair Dye. " ~ Kate


Kate has blue hair, a little past boob length. She has blue eyes and has 2 piercings in her nose. She will usually be seen with a lot of eye shadow, and black clothing.



Kate is a kind, generous, and a loyal woman. When Kate is put down, hurt, or depressed, she might ignore you. When she is in a good mood, she will be fairly kinder. She used to be suicidal, and still wonders if she still is. Don't expect her to give compliments, because she will fail that test.


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