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【 Basic Information 】

Full Name: June Demetris Norway
Nickname(s): Juney, June-Bug

Age: 18 years old
Birthday: January 27th, 2001
        • Birthstone: Garnet
        • Zodiac: Aquarius
        • Element: Air
School: Lakewood Academy High School
Grade: Senior

Gender: Cisgender Female
        • Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: Taken


❝Honestly.. I'm the lucky one
to have someone like you.
You've helped me so much..
with a lot, and I feel like you
help me a little too much.❞
-June to Jason

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【 Physical 】

June is a pale girl with brown eyes. She has short, dirty blonde hair that is sometimes straight but usually unevenly wavy, almost like she just rolled out of bed. She is a fairly short girl, standing at 4'11 with small hands. June is usually seen wearing darker types of clothes, sweatshirts and sweatpants however sometimes she'll wear shorts and t-shirts but that's only when she's home. She doesn't wear very attracting things like some girls usually would, she doesn't care about her appearance which is a reason why she doesn't wear make-up. Some of her favorite clothes are over-sized sweatshirts, sweaters, knee high socks, and comfortable shorts. She usually wears this stuff at home, even if it's winter because to her, it's comfortable
        • Skin Tone: Pale ivory
        • Hair Color: Dirty blonde
        • Eye Color: Brown
Scar(s): June has a few scars on her wrists and arms, a large scar on the back of her neck, and a few on the inside of her thighs
Extra(s): June has a birthmark on the side of her body, her hip to be exact, a small, light brown splotch

【 Mental 】

June tends to come off as a sort of, well, "emo" as some would say but she just isn't the biggest fan of talking to others and trying to make new friends. With years of moving from state to state and having many different homes, June has had a hard time making friends and holding onto them, some of which have even done horrible things or have just ignored her. That and a few others traumatic incidents that happened in the past have caused June to have trust issues, and they are quite bad. While she appears aggressive at first and will snap and try to make people go away, when someone really gets to know June they'll find out that she's just hiding in a shell, her own protective shell. She can be very sweet, and when someone tries to get to know her and get close, they'll learn that she's very shy and a dork about quite a lot of things. Because she isn't quite used to having friends, she has a tendency to not tell others if things are bothering her, or if something is wrong, which can sometimes lead to her blowing up in anger or in tears
          • Positive: Clear-headed, decisive (at times),
            discreet, humble, independent
          • Neutral: Aggressive, complex, emotional (at
            times), private, reserved, quiet
          • Negative: Anxious, blunt, clumsy, faithless,
            frivolous, hateful
  Habits: If June is ever nervous, she tends to bite her lip or the insides of her cheeks, she also digs her nails into her palms when she is frustrated at herself, or thinking of something that makes her uncomfortable

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【 Extra Information 】

Physical Problem(s): N/A
Mental Problem(s): Mild to Severe Depression (Changes overtime, becomes mild and can sometimes turn into severe over a period of time) and Anxiety
Insecurities: Never being good enough for her father, the scars across her body, people from the past coming back to haunt her, hurting Jason and others that she cares about deeply
Hopes: To finally be confident in herself, her looks, and her abilities, to be able to cook as well we her brother does, to be able to bring to justice the people who had hurt Jason in the past
Theme Song: Honeybee by The Head And The Heart


Shows: Scooby-Doo, ATLA, and Friends
Movies: Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon
Song: Make You Mine by PUBLIC
Artist/Band: Can't decide on one
Colors: Maroon, peach, and pale yellow
Food: Spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, grapes, watermelon, bananas, blueberry muffins and French bread with butter
Drink: Water and banana smoothie
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Clothes: Shorts and sweatshirts
Time of Day: Dawn and morning
Weather: Rain, snow, and cloudy
Season: Fall
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Animal: Manatee

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【 Relationships 】

Micheal Norway | Father | 0% -
    ❝I hate you so much.. if I could say that t-to your face I
     would but- but I don't want you to hurt me again.. So-
     So why do I keep trying to prove myself to you?! Why
     do I keep telling myself all these lies that we can be a
     a HAPPY family again?!❞

Jonna Norway | Mother | 27% -
    ❝Why did you do it..? Why did you take them? Why did
     you leave us?!... I miss you god dammit.. You should
     have said something. I-I know I was only a child then
     then but you didn't need to keep it all to yourself!❞

Ethan Norway | Brother | 68% -
    ❝I know y-you're trying to change still, a-and you have
     changed in a way, I just.. I need a bit of time.. t-to
     trust you again. But.. I have to say that I'm so happy
     to see you change. It feels like.. I'm seeing my old
     brother again.. it makes me want to cry but it makes
     me so happy.❞

Lukas Kruse | Uncle | 0% -
    ❝Y-you.. you tried to take us from our home, you l-lied
     to your own brother and then tr-tried to kidnap us-...
     people like you.. are who I despise t-the most.❞

Genevieve Schneider | Step-Mother | 0% -
    ❝I don't think I'll ever trust you.. you act so happy all
     t-the time and even when we met, you didn't do
     anything to stop my f-father.. you just clung onto
     him and c-called his name. You are disgusting.. and
     I will make sure my father k-knows the truth.❞

Samantha Schneider | Step-Sister | 0% -
    ❝I can't believe I didn't even see you when I first met
      your mother.. you two have a lot in common.
     Lying, sneaking around, and taking what belongs
     to others. You stole my room- a-and I don't even
     care if it's just a room but that is where I live!
     Even if I'm not always there, I-I am still apart
     of this god damn family!❞

Lakewood Academy High School

Jason Compton | Boyfriend | 100% -
    ❝I have so much to say.. but sometimes I feel like I
     don't have enough time to say it all. But god.. I
     love you so much. If I didn't meet you.. I have to
     admit, I-I don't think I would be here today. You
     saved me from this hell.. and I want to save you too.❞

Joseph Robertson | Close Friend | 85% -
    ❝You seem like you would be the star of the party,
     you're so hilarious and y-you know, I'm glad that my
     brother has someone like you at his side. You've
     helped him change so much.. and it has helped me
     too. So.. thank you.❞

Ashley Kowalski | Best Friend? | 74% -
    ❝I remember back when we first met you gave me the
     brightest smile I've ever seen on another girl before,
     and not one that was fake.. y-yet recently I know- I
     know I haven't been talking to you as much.. a-and
     neither have you.. I feel like we're drifting apart.
     You invited me to watch movies with you and Paige
     yet.. I declined because Jason wanted to hang out.
     A-and I'm sorry if that's why- or if it's because
     something i-is going on with you and Paige and that
     makes me feel like I did something wrong, or that I'm
     never around enough to understand.. It's kind of funny
     b-because I feel like some kind of third wheel now.. I
     just don't know what to do with you..❞

Paige Cosgrove | Best Friend? | 74% -
    ❝After seeing you with Ash, I knew something was up
     but I never knew what it was. Maybe it was because I
     was never around or that we never hung out much.. we
     used to be close, b-but like Ash we just.. w-we just
     drifted apart.. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm
     l-lost and I thought that I could be finally happy with
     you and Ash as my best friends but I don't know!
     Maybe it's because I haven't spoken to you in forever,
     maybe i-it's because I'm with Jason all the time
     because he- he doesn't make me feel like I've missed
     out an an entire part of my life!... god I'm sorry.❞


Samuel Odonnell | Ex | 0%
    ❝A-after what you did.. I hope I never see y-you again.
     Y-you're a fucking monster.. I trusted you! I..I-I don't
     understand.. did you change over the years? Or were
     you always like t-this..?❞

Riley Schroeder | Old.. friend | 7%
    ❝I don't.. how did y-you even get my number? I've
     moved so why haven't you just left me alone?! ALL OF      YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!❞

Aidan Lundenberg | Unknown | Unknown

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【 Trivia 】

latest?cb=20181128225830 Throughout the years, June has gone through many, many changes. She has had her name changed, her personality changed, and even her appearance has changed

latest?cb=20181128225830 June originally had many exotic pets.. and unfortunately she was also a huge Mary Sue but the creator has changed and fixed her to have many flaws, and not to be as Mary Sue as she used to be

latest?cb=20181128225830 June shares the same birthday with her creator!

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