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Now I'm Lost

Name Joshua David Underwood
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Mainly: Volleyball And Soccer

Sometimes: Guitar, Horseback, Singing.

Generation: 3
Rank: Jock And Legacy
Partner Ellison Mage
Nickname(s): Josh, Joshy,



Joshua is a loyal and kind guy. He likes making people smile and laugh. Josh enjoys sports, so you will usually see him talking about sports, watching sports, or playing sports.


Joshua has blonde hair, and blue eyes. He stands at 5'6, and wears contacts mainly. He only wears his glasses when he forgets his contacts. Josh is slim.

Brief History


Fun Facts 

1.) His Mother Is Skylar From First Gen

2.) He Is Allergic To Cats

3.) His House Is In The Middle Of A Forest

4.) He Went Friendless For A Good Two Weeks Because On Halloween, He Dressed Up As A Killer Clown And Scared All Of His Friends :)

5.) He Can't Be Trusted With Secrets


Everly ~ Female ~ Good Friend~ 90% ~ Ev ~ Her And I Both Share The Love For Horseback.

Ellison ~ Female ~ Girlfriend, Best Friend ~ 90% ~ Eli ~ She's Pretty Lit. Her And I Are Going To Teach Each Other How To Play An Instrument. She's Hot, Funny, Caring, Fun, Loyal, I Could Go On For Years.

Julia ~ Female ~ New Friend ~ 60% ~ Julie ~ We Talked.

Carson ~ Male ~ Childhood Best Friend ~ 100% ~ Cars ~ He And I Are Very Close.

Chase ~ Male ~ Childhood Friend~ 90% ~ N/A ~ He And I Are Pretty Close.

Nina ~ Female ~ Friend ~ 75% ~ Ni-Ni, Nana ~ She's Everly's Cousin.

Amara ~ Female ~ Just Met ~ 20% ~ N/A ~ Just Met Her.

Laney ~ Female ~ Sister ~ 100% ~ Laney Is An Amazing Sister. She Makes The Best Out Of Everything.



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