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Appearance → Joe isn’t too tall, standing at 5’11, with faded green eyes and dark brown hair, as well as olive skin. He’s fairly muscular with toned legs and arms due to working out, but it’s not all that visible under his clothes. Joe will sometimes wear brand clothes and hoodies, but a lot of the time will wear comfortable t-shirts and hoodies with interesting designs on it like RVCA. He wears band shirts he has bought at concerts, and wears aesthetically pleasing outfits. Regular brand shoes and sometimes will wear leather jackets but never without a hoodie under it. Chrome Hearts rings (primarily to act as legal brass knuckles). Tying this all in are his reddened eyes due to smoking pot he usually hides behind cheap dollar store sunglasses.

Skin Tone → Olive

Hair Color → Dark Brown

Eye Color → Faded Green

Personality → A loud, confident, and totally in your face person, Joe is a short extroverted teen with an endearing charm tied to him. With the ability of talking your ear off about random shit he may be thinking about or have on his mind, he’s compassionate and unpredictable with what he will say and do. He has the mindset of being invincible, and is unafraid of fights or danger, and sometimes will actively put himself in the middle of something or step on the wrong people’s toes. Some people could even describe him as egotistical if they didn’t know him well enough or talk to him enough. When high he can act ballistic and rude, with a one track mind that is constantly getting distracted. However, his behavior doesn’t deter him from making friends and keeping in touch with them often, he enjoys hanging out with people and spending time with his friends. He keeps a level headed attitude and although he can make poor choices he’s fairly mature.

Positive → Confident, brave, clear-headed, positive, extroverted, relatively honest

Neutral → Eccentric, stubborn, blunt, secretive, compulsive liar

Negative → Hot-headed, erratic (at times), violent, confrontational, rude, unpredictable

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Full name Joseph Silas Robertson
Nicknames Joe, Joe mama
Sex Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Age 17
Birthday December 31st, 2001
Zodiac Capricorn
Birthstone Zircon
Grade Senior

Extra Information
Mental Problems: Mild depression.

Physical Problems: Addicted to drugs.
Insecurities: Scared he can’t help Ethan, or isn’t enough for Ethan, thinks his personality and just him in general is annoying, scared of being taken away, internal - very personal - lack of self confidence, hates his shitty relationship with his dad
Hopes: Make a life with him and Ethan, be successful in his own individual way, convince himself that can keep himself and can keep Ethan safe, wants to make his dad proud of him
Theme Song: Inside Out by Wallflower

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  Name | Relationship | Trust %

Warren Robertson | Father | 3%

Alyssa Robertson | Mother | 10%

Irina Robertson | Step - Mother | 0%

Opal Delashment | Grandmother | 100%

Madison “Mads” Robertson | Sister | 95%

  Lakewood Academy High School

Ethan Norway | Boyfriend | 100%

Ashley Kowalski | Friend | 80%

Paige Cosgrove | Friend | 80%

Skylar Rose | Friend | 80%

Dustin Garren | Friend | 78%

June Norway | Friend | 70%

Jason Compton | Friend | 67%

Maxwell Oiler | Friend | 60%

Favorites extra info continued

Show: Parks and Recreation
Movie: Lost in Translation
Songs: Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen, Problems III by The Growlers
Band/Artist: Pink Guy
Color: Purple
Food: Lo Mein Noodles and Rice, French Toast Sticks
Drink: Sprite, Honey Brown Beer
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Clothes: Large comfy clothes, hoodies, thick socks
Time of Day: Late afternoon and Dusk
Weather: Rainy, cold, foggy
Season: Fall
Holiday: Halloween

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