(Don't Steal The Coding Please. ~Jessie)

Jessie Rose



"Obviously You've Mistaken Me For Someone

Who Gives A Shit."


Basic Information


Jessica Veronica Rose

(Prefers Jessie)








2 Little Brothers (Zach & Lance)& 1 Sister (Mia)


Cookie & Shark (Both Pitbulls)


Drug Dealing (In And Out Of School), Volleyball (In School)




Jessie Has Short Brown Hair (Which She Dyed A Light Purple Recently), With Blue Eyes. She Stands At 5'6, And Weighs 122 LBS. She Has Fair Skin, And No Freckles.




Jessie Is A Pretty Rude Girl. She's Only Nice To People When She Wants To Be. Once You Get To Know Her And Understand Her More, You Will Learn That She Can Be Pretty Nice. But It Might Take A While For Her To Warm Up To You, Considering The Fact That She Has Trust Issues.




Jessica Has A.. Rather Eventful Past. Her Father Left Her And Her Family When Jessica Was Only 1. Her Litter Brothers, Who Are Twins, Were Born 2 Years After Her. Her Mother Then Went Out One Day. She Was Drunk, And Did Some Illegal Things. By This I Mean Steal A Car, And Drive Around Drunk. Jessie's Mother Was Then Arrested. Luckily, J's Aunt Was There And Took Them In Temporarily. Their Aunt Takes Pretty Good Care Of The Family, So Jessie's Doesn't Really Mind Staying With Her. But This Doesn't Mean Jessie Doesn't Miss Her Mother. She Does. A Lot. To Cope With The Sadness, She Does Drug Deals. Jessie Does This To Save Up Money For Her Mother For When She Returns. Even Though Jessie Already Has Money, She Feels It's Not Right To Get Her Mother Out Too Early, Because What She Did Isn't Right, And She Wants Her Mother To Pay The Price. ANYWAY. Now Jessie Lives In Lakewood With Her Brothers And Aunt. So Ya. oh ya she has a sister names Mia who is 3 years younger


Fun Facts

1.) Jessie is claustrophobic.

2.)Jessica, When Really Bored, Sits In Her Room & Plays Her Piano.

3.)Jessica Hates Cats.

4.)Jessie Has A Peanut Allergy.





  • Shark As A Pup
  • Shark Now
  • Cookie Now
  • Cookie As A Pup



(Key: Name-Trust Rate-Role-Note)

Carter-Cartie-100%-Boyfriend-He's Amazing. Carter Is Sweet, Smart, And Much More.

Micah-Mic-65%-Friend-He's Nice. But He Does Want To Change People And How They Act.

Nash-Bud-10000%-Best Friend-Where Do I Start? He Meams The World To Me. He Always Has My Back, More Than Anyone Else In The World. He's Like Superman :')

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