❝Why do I never speak? It's because the quieter you become, the more you can hear.❞ INFORMATION

NAME: Jamie Dallas Wolffe

AGE: I give her none. Just pretend she's like everyone else (-:

GENDER: Female

RANK: More of an outsider.

NICKNAMES: Jam, Book kid, that one kid.


Jamie is a semi-tall black haired girl with round, dense glasses. Her glasses are so thick you can't tell her eye color, so it's unknown. She usually wears a blue sweater with green shorts, with all black sneakers. She doesn't wear much else, but in winter she wears a knit wool sweater with black leggings.

In the summer she wears a baggy blue T-Shirt with green khaki shorts, in the fall & spring she wears a sweater with green shorts, as usual. She will sometimes wear a sweater & green shorts in summer- some people say she's crazy, but she doesn't mind the "compliments".


Jamie is rather quiet- she never speaks. She will usually communicate with nods/shaking of the head, or if it's more complicated- a book, blueprint or papers. It is rare you can catch her speaking. She doesn't have much emotions, just a shrug, a small grin or a blank expression is all she does.

She prefers being alone- less noise & less people is her dream place to be.

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