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Name James Dennis Irving
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday March 20th, 2001
Sexuality Heterosexual
Rank Middle Class
Occupation(s) Basketball & Dancing
Status Alive/Active
Girlfriend Summer
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James is a slim, athletic built teenage guy. He has fluffy strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. James stands at 6'1 and a half and weighs about 146 pounds. He has a fair amount of muscles and can run pretty fast. James can jump extremely high and uses this to display some monster dunks and snag some rebounds from the big men on the basketball court. He usually sticks to basic clothing, most being from goodwill, like jeans, t-shirts and hoodies.
James is a kind, well mannered guy. He refrains from violence almost always and is one to always take the high road. James loves helping people out and is a selfless person, he's also great with little kids and earns some money from baby sitting. James would do anything to protect the people he cares about at any cost, and would sacrifice a lot. He does have a bit of a problem with letting people walk all over him and lacks confidence in himself sometimes.
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James was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He had two parents, his mother was 16 at the time and his father was 17. James' father had just previously broken out of juvie, but was found and given a longer sentence, he never met James. James' mother on the other hand had not prepared for a kid and spent the whole pregnancy scheming how to get her boyfriend back.
A few months later, James was given up for adoption. He stayed in the home for a while, James was fine there and learned how to play basketball. James loved the sport and would go to the park and play against older guys when he was only 8. This was also where James got into music, he would dance, sing, and make random objects into instruments.
In about a year, James went to live with a family. They treated James like the son they never had, James enjoyed it and they bought him things-- nice things. He wasn't used to this type of life and started getting into trouble. James was sent to boarding school.
Although James hated every second of it, this is where he learned manners and to treat people with respect. Well- screw it. That's what James said, and he ran away. He spent days traveling but eventually found his birth mother. She let him in explaining how she always wanted James to come back, and so they both moved to Lakewood.
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