⋅ H A R P E R  S U M M M E R S ⋅


"Everyone has a little creativity up in their brain."-Harper

⋅ B A S I C  I N F O ⋅


Harper Heroin Summers


Summers, Harpy, Harpersin







Birthday 11-12-2000
Grade 11th
School Lakewood Academy Highschool
Rank Geek
In School Activites Art
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Garret Thomas
Bestfriend None yet
Sibling(s) Jackson Summers

Zodiac Sign


Spirit Animal


⋅ P E R S O N A L I T Y ⋅

Harper is extremely shy and she gets flustered easily. She is very timid and she has a hard time expressing her emotions, usually happiness, sadness and anger. She loves to do art but has a hard time showing her pride in it and showing her art in general.

⋅ A P P E A R A N C E ⋅

Harper has long, dirty blonde hair with some blonde and brown highlights and brown eyes. She usually wears skirts and dresses and never does anything really fancy like.

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⋅ R E L A T I O N S ⋅

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⋅ G A L L E R Y ⋅

This is a Gallery of pictures of Harper, with her friends, her family, her pets, and her housing.

⋅ P I E C E S  O F  A R T ⋅

This is a gallery of pictures of Harper's art. Pieces contain of sketches, paint art, spray paint art, and much more. Credit goes to the original artists who actually created these beautiful master pieces.

⋅ F A V O R I T E S ⋅

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⋅ F E A R S ⋅

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⋅ F U N  F A C T S ⋅

(#1) Harper tried to do lip art once basing it off the Instagram logo and it turned out pretty well.

​(#2) Harper is double jointed and very flexable. She is thinking about joining the Gymnastics team.

​(#3) Harper used to write stories but ever since she got into art, her life has revolved around art.

​(#4) Harper is a terrible chef and she almost burned down her house when she was twelve, trying to make pasta.

​(#5) Harper makes her own paint by buying white paint to start with and using different dyes to create colors.

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