"Set your heart on something and your mind will follow" 


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♛ I N F O R M A T I O N ♛

Name Gwen Louise Campbell
Birthday December 20th, 2000

Wales, UK

Grade 11th
Crush Gf/Bf N/a


Sexuality Bisexual
Nicknames Gwenny
Ocupations Horseback Riding & Lacrosse
Rank Middle Class
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius


♛ A P P E A R A N C E ♛

Gwen is a brunette with dark brown wavy hair. Her eyes have a circle of an amber color around her pupil and then they're green with grey outlines. Gwen has an oval faced shape and olive skin, she is tall and lithe.


♛ B A C K S T O R Y ♛

Gwen has always lived in Naples Florida; although her birth place was in the UK due to her mother and father visiting their family up in Whales. Gwen was born and raised in a rather wealthy family as they have had a dynasty of people taking over their company. Gwen never really liked living on the beach she always got sandy and sandspurrs got stuck in her feet on multiple accounts. Though there were somethings she loved about her home; like how she had a stable with her horses and got to go riding, Gwen had always loved riding horses but due to her parents thinking it was too dangerous never really expanded on this. Until her 8th Birthday when she was allowed to take her first riding lesson, she ended up loving it and went back. On her 15th Birthday she got her own horse, a warmblood mix named Apollo. She enjoyed the next 2 years she spent at Naples, though she relished the day her parents told her they were moving North to a town called Lakewood. Now here Gwen is, in this mysterious town full of people she doesn't know, and this is only where her adventure begins.

♛ P E R S O N A L I T Y ♛

Gwen, is quite cocky and fiery but is rather friendly and extroverted. She can be sarcastic when annoyed and is rather funny when she is angry. If Gwen gets hungry she gets mad, well the correct word is hangry (Hang•Gree) Gwen is rather restless and doesn't like to stay in one place for long she enjoys travel and adventure and order. She has a very strong, opinionated moral compass.

♛ F R I E N D S ♛


♛ G A L L E R Y ♛

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