"Just chill out, bro.”


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Basic Info

Name Griffin Thomas Braden
Gender Male
Age 15
Grade 10th
Rank Middle Class
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupations Surfing & Basketball


Griffin is a very laid back guy, he’s charming and an extrovert. He doesn’t let things get to him easily and he’s energetic. He’s very hardworking and polite.


Griffin has thick brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is 5’10 and weighs 163 lbs. He is very muscular and has tan skin. Griffin has his ears pierced and is usually seen wearing a hat (seen in pic). He has a tattoo on his right forearm and wears a necklace that his dad got him from one of his competitions.


Griffin was born in Malibu, California to his parents, Dylan and Rachel. Griffin has an older brother, Andrew, who he always has looked up to. Griffin’s father was a world champion surfer, leading Griffin to fall in love with it. From the start, Griffin was on a surfboard, his dad had coached him and it brought them together. Griffin loved it, he would wake up every morning before school and surf. When Griffin turned 14 he started as a lifeguard, he liked it because there was barely any accidents and he could just chill with the other lifeguards and play on the beach. It was only a year after that Griffin was watching his father compete on tv, he watched as his dad attempted an advanced move but fell off, Griffin intently waited, his eyes widened as more time passed and his father was still gone under the water. They went in after him and tears started streaming down Griffin’s face. He watched they brought him out, doing everything they could to revive him, but still, nothing. Griffin spent days crying over his lost father, his best friend, not only was it devastating but now they would have to move. Griffin couldn’t even look at a surf board, he then moved to Lakewood.

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