Grant Parker

Grant Thomas Parker
15 years old 20, February 2000
Male Pansexual
Played by Tom Holland 1 Sibling
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Marvel Basketball His Brother His Dog

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Grant was born on February 20, 2000 in California. He was born a twin, his brother being Alex Parker. Grant is older than him by 42 minutes, and likes to hold it above Alex's head. Grant grew up close to his mom, often getting into fights with his father. They were always taught to be polite and respectful, which is why Grant has a bit of a hero complex. The twins were also taught to be sporty, which is why Grant likes basketball. His family also loved to travel to all sorts of different places. One day as Grant, his mom and Alex were traveling to a ski-trip they hit a spot of black ice, spinning out of control. Only Alex and Grant survived. Alex got a scar on his forehead from glass, along with broken bones, while Grant was stuck with a punctured lung, two broken ribs and a fractured ankle. After the crash, the environment they were in turned toxic, rumors flying about them and people going out of their way to either hurt them or ignore them. So the Parkers moved to Lakewood a year later, where they found a much more welcoming environment. In Lakewood, they started ninth grade along with everyone else. They also decided to adopt a dog, which they named Tessa. Then Alex died, and Grant got really sad. Now you see where they are today.

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