Garret Thomas 

"Never tell me the odds."

-Han Solo


Basic Info


Garret Matthew Thomas

G & Gare


Birthday August 31st
Grade 11th
School Lakewood Academy Highschool
Rank Middle Class
In School Activites Basketball
Girlfriend/Crush Harper
Bestfriend Harper
Sibling(s) Walter Thomas
Zodiac Sign
Spirit Animal


Garret is a generally small guy, being only 5'8, but he still is fairly muscular and has an athletic build. He has brown hair that is usually straight, but at times can get kinda curly. Garret has dark brown eyes. Garret is kind of an awkward kid because of his stutter, he usually regrets saying things and this makes him a bit shy. Although, Garret still does enjoy talking and hanging out with people that are able to look over his stutter. Garret isn't really the type of guy that would start a fight, but he would do his best to defend himself and others.


It was 7:00 AM in the morning when Garret was born in the Denver hospital. He was born to Michael and Julia Thomas, and had an older brother, Robert. He grew up in Boulder, but spent most of his weekends traveling up to the mountains to ski. He fell in love with skiing at a young age when he was taken on a trip up into the mountains and saw his brother skiing. He immediately wanted to try it, and to his surprise, he was amazing at it. Garret skied almost his entire life until on shocking night when his whole life turned. He was skiing down a double black diamond, which to him, was easy. Garret was speeding down the slope with ease, soaring through trees and rocks, until his ski caught on a rock. He went flying forward, his head slamming into a tree. Garret was found by ski patrol and air lifted to the hospital. Garret woke up a couple months later from a coma. Although, when he woke up things weren't the same, he had a stutter. He couldn't speak properly because of his head injury and he hasn't been able to speak without a stutter since the accident. Garret hated himself for being so clueless and stupid, but he eventually got over it, when his parents decided to move. They packed up there bags and moved to Lakewood, where Garret stays his accident still haunting him.

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