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"Everybody you fight is not your enemy,

and everybody that helps you is not your friend." -Mike Tyson


Basic Information


Garret Matthews











Garret is a tough guy, your average bad boy. He doesn't take direction and he's a natural born leader.

Garret comes off as cold at first and he's known around school as a bully for the most part. Once you

get to know him, he's pretty cool. He's loud, he has to be, he's the captain of the football team. Don't

cross him, I promise things will not end well. He gets into fights a lot but always knows when to stop.


Garret is a muscular, athletic teenage male. He has dirty blond hair with dark blueish-green eyes.

Garret has lightly tanned skin and has lots of upper body strength which comes in handy when on

the football field as quarterback. Garret's clothes are nothing fancy, he doesn't own a suit and most of

his clothes are hand me downs.



Name - Relation - Trust Rate - Notes

Megan - Ex - 188% - I left her cause I couldn't even take care of my own self, probably the worst mistake of my young life.



Garret was born in Denver, Colorado to NFL superstar Thomas Matthews. He grew up there in

Denver, in a mansion with his 5 siblings. It was smooth sailing until Garret turned 7, his father was

using drugs and was put in jail. Garret's family had spent most of their money on stupid shit like

indoor basketball courts and go-karts, meaning they were broke after a few months. His mother

picked up a few jobs and once Garret was old enough he joined in. His family moved into an

apartment, it was very crowded with the family of 7. Garret would share a small bed with his two

little brothers, Luke and Peter. Garret has always had a passion for football but the amount of work

he had gave him no practice and he was cut from the Junior Varsity team at his high school. Garret's

grades were constantly low and there was nothing he could do, he debated dropping out but knew it

wouldn't work. It was until the start of his Junior year that his family moved to Lakewood.


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