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NAME: Ethan Thomas Miles GENDER: Male AGE: 17 SEXUALITY: Straight ACTOR: Timothée Chalamet
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Ethan was born on November 8th in the year 2000, on the same day as his brother and sister, Casey and Eda. The triplets were born in Paris but moved out to the country soon after. They lived out in a small town in the country on a spacious bit of land where they kept horses and other farm type animals. Ethan got involved in drugs when he was around 13 years old, which was prior to his parents divorce. After the divorce his drug problem became worse and as much as he denied it, he was an addict. Ethan shut out his siblings and would often leave for days. Eventually, Ethan went to rehab. He spent about two years there and got better, despite his father's arrest. With his father in jail the triplets moved to America to live with a foster family.