Elizabeth Crowley


Basic Information

Name - Elizabeth Jane Crowley

Age - 18

Gender - Female

Sexuality - Heterosexual

Grade - Senior, 12th

Rank - Middle  Class

Occupations - Dancing, Sketching

Nicknames - Liz, Lizzy, Jane, Crow



Elizabeth Is A 5'9 Blonde Female, With Blue Eyes. She Is Considered Slim.



1.) Lives With Her Aunt An Uncle

2.) Her Parents Died In A Car Crash.

3.) She Has Been To Juvie Before.



Elizabeth Is A Pretty Wild Girl. She Loves Parties, And Manages To Get Drunk Every Time She Goes, Even If They Aren't Serving Alcohol. She Brings Her Own :') Lizzy Is Kind And Loyal. If You Mess With Her Friends, You Better Know You're Getting Your Ass Kicked.


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