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❝ Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations❝ 

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Sarah Smith


Darren Parker

LakeWood    Academy HighSchool
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Cups - Anna Kendrick

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Eleanor grew up in the small but pleasant town of Pepin, Wisconsin. Her mother was, and still is, a doctor, back then the only one of the town. Eleanor's father, worked at a bar pouring drinks. Her mother disapproved, but there was nothing she could do to persuade him. When Eleanor was two, her brother Marcus was born. Immediately, she was his caretaker. Even from the age of two, she wiped him, changed his diapers, fed him, rocked him, and played with him. Their mother was always out, she never meant to be, but people were sick and injured almost everyday. Her father started doing drugs. The two were scared, almost everyday when he came home from work. He would slam his briefcase down, and get himself a glass of liquor- usually Vodka. Then he would sit in a chair, smoke, and read the paper. Eleanor hated it. She covered Marcus's ears most of the time, because he was yelling at their mother.


That's when one day her father, now extremely changed, threw his glass at her mother when she refused to pour him more liquor. The glass shattered and pieces flew everywhere. One hit their mother's head, impaling halfway in. She collapsed, unconscious. Eleanor dropped Marcus on the bed, who was screaming, grappling through the glass for a phone. Just as she had dialed 911, her father grabbed her shirt, choking her, nailing the shirt to the wall, where she dangled, unable to breathe. A six year old, being hung by her father. Ellie was just seeing black spots when Marcus, sniffling, crawled out without their father seeing. He reached over and pressed the talk button on the phone. His words: " Mommy and Ellie are hurting."


The ambulance arrived, soon followed by the police. Her father, ran away, taking his breifcase, and his perscription pads for drugs. They searched the house, but he was no where to be found. Eleanor was okay, but she was left in a hospital bed with an oxygen tank and mask. Her breathing was never the same after, and, though she could do sports, she had an inhaler, and an oxygen tank and mask just in case. Soon after all this happened, her father was discovered dead in a hotel room, most likely from a drug overdose. 


Eleanor slowly began to recover, though she can still remember the pain of hanging from a nail to this day. Marcus had faint memories, bits and pieces that he ceased to want to even know. Soon, she graduated Elementary School and Junior high. After, she started playing Volleyball, because her therapist said it would be good to let her emotions into a sport. She became quite good at it, and now thinks of it as a part of her life. Starting school at Lakewood Academy High was difficult, but everyone was quite friendly, and she made the team for Volleyball right away. Then, another tragic moment happened. Ellie and her new schoolmates were on a cruise, but, as it was heading back, the cruise struck a stone and started sinking. Alex Kimberly, a somewhat stubborn but also fun and nice girl, had been wheelchair ridden, and she was almost drowning. Ellie dove in, pulling Alex out and saving her life. They've been friends since. 

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