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eda miles

not your bitch

{name} eda andy miles

{age} 17

{birthday} November 7, 2000

{siblings} casey + ethan

{sexuality} straight

{occupation} being the coolest triplet

{rank} artist

{crush} sam sparks

{bf} nah

{health} fit, has anxiety

{pets} one horse

{faceclaim} ellie thumann


the triplets were born november 7, 2000 in paris. eda was born the youngest sibling, with casey as the oldest and ethan the middle child. soon after being born they moved out to a small country town, and grew up around many animals such as horses, sheep and chickens. eda got into art at an early age, her parents getting her whatever she needed, encouraging her as much as possible. then they turned 8, and life took a turn for the worst. their mom left them for another man, and eda's father became abusive to his children. she broke her ankle ice skating, and this made their father get angry. since then eda has been too afraid to stand up to him, afraid to hurt herself anymore and leading to her staying away from sports in fear but giving her more time for art. the abuse lead to many other problems, casey getting depression and eda getting anxiety at 14. ethan turned to drugs shortly after. despite their reasoning he never quit until a year later, going to rehab for two years. when he got out, their father was arrested. they moved into a foster home until someone adopted them and they moved to lakewood where the triplets plan on getting better.

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