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Name: Drew Ryan Porter

Gender: Male

Age: 16 Years

Grade: Junior

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Alive/Active

Crush: Nah

Sport(s): Basketball

Rank: Outsider

Birthdate: 11/9/02

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Name - Rating - Trust - Notes

Megan Amador - 12.6/10 - 107% - "She's better than everything you are and ever will be."

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It was a cold November morning the first day Drew was brought into the world in Los Angeles, California. His father stood next to the hospital bed, staring in awe at baby Drew, part happy but you could tell he was sad. Sad because he knew his future was going to revolve around Drew, he couldn't focus on his own dreams. His mother on the other hand was filled with joy. Drew was brought home about a week later, welcomed by smiling faces of many relatives.

Everything seemed perfect for two year old Drew, this was of course until his father walked out. No explanation given. His mother cried for weeks, forgetting about her son. Drew would often wander around the house, getting into lots of trouble. But let me get this straight, Drew's mom didn't completely forget about Drew, she adjusted the best she could.

Around Drew's 8th birthday is when things got a bit tough. His mother was fired from her stable office job. They started moving around a lot, Drew thought it was fun but his mother did not. She became cold and closed off from Drew, spending the majority of the time looking for work. "It's fine, everything will be fine." That's what Drew would tell himself, constantly. And it worked.

Although it took a while, around the time Drew turned 15 they packed up their bags and moved east, to Lakewood. This was great for Drew and all, being in a calm, small town. Things worked out well, basically. After a couple months though, his mom was moved to a temporary office in New York City. They moved and Drew was in a new high school. It was fine I guess, he met this one girl, Abby. She was head over heels for Drew and after she continuously asked him out, Drew gave in. They went on a few dates and things were cool. Things got ugly though when Drew had to tell her he was moving back. Now Drew goes to Lakewood Academy High School.

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A solid boy.

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