Cole has thick brown hair and green eyes. He is pretty tall and muscular. Since he’s generally fit he’s very fast and strong. Cole has lightly tanned skin and little to no freckles. He has terrible vision leading him to need glasses although he usually wears contacts.


Cole is a very extroverted guy, he absolutely loves parties and social events. Cole has a problem sitting still and he talks a lot. Cole is a bit of a romantic, and likes to flirt. He is also very caring and protective, he will do anything for the ones he is close to.




Baseball- Cole started playing baseball back when he was 5, he started in little league as a first basemen. Cole always loved it although it wasn’t his true passion. He was always yelled at because he would never hit the ball, he would just run the bases. He plays first base and short stop.

Football- Cole is a bit violent, so Football was always a sport he found fun. Cole was very strong so he played running back, he liked how he’d have to run through the linemen. Cole also enjoys watching football so he would often watch YouTube videos on football catches and then go outside and try it.

Basketball- Cole always had a passion for basketball. He loved the sport and ever since he was little he loved dribbling a basketball. He stared playing when he was 8 and has played ever since. He plays forward but he can still play a guard.


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