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brynn margaret korrah






kellee korrah




track+field, drums


kika lateef


Brynn was born in a supportive household in Sydney, Australia, February 11, 2002. Her twin sister, Kellee, was born 42 minutes after her. Already they had different interests, her sister interested in tennis and ice skating, while Brynn preferred sprinting and DJing. Brynn also got into dancing for a while before quitting after breaking both her arms from a rock-climbing trip, about two years ago. She got a dog around that same time, a sweet yellow labrador named Harley. Different things caused tension in her home, and after that, things weren't quite the same. She was constantly getting into fights with her parents, trying to leave Kellee out of it as much as possible especially when her parents got physical. She often spent more time at friend's homes than her own, trying to stay away from her parents. Trying to release the tension they moved to Lakewood, where they hope to calm down.

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