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Andrew Carmen

"You Are What You Believe Yourself To Be."


Basic Information

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Andrew Jay


Age 17
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Rank Jock
Grade 11th
Crush? None Atm
Girlfriend? None Atm


Andrew Was Born And Raised New York. He Has 3 Siblings; 2 Sisters And 1 Brother. His Family Was

Always  Calm. Besides His Parents. The Two Would Fight Daily, And Got Divorced When Andrew Was

Only 6 Years Old. He Misses His Dad Dearly, But He Knows It's For The Best. His Dad Now Lives In

Florida. When Andrew Was 11, He Got Into Football. He Would Play It Outside With His Friends Daily,

And Now Is On Lakewood's Football Team. Andrew Knows How To Play The Guitar, And Is Currently

Learning The Drums. On Andrew's 14th Birthday, His Good Friend Was Pushed In The Way Of A

Train, Killing Him Instantly. This Made Andrew Very Sad, Causing Him To Stay In His Room With The

Door Locked. He Refused To Come Out. After 2 Weeks, He Finally Came Out And Went Back To

School. To Keep His Mind Off His Friend, He Got Into Horse Back Riding. His Mother Bought Him A

Horse. Andrew Continued Horse Back Riding To This Day.


Andrew Has Large, Muscular Build. He Has Been Working Out 3 Times A Week For About 4 Months.

He Has Ginger Hair And Brown Eyes. Andrew Is 6'0, But He Will Rarely Make Jokes About People

Shorter Than Him.


Andrew Is A Selfless, Caring, And Sweet Male. He Will Put Others Before Him For Everything. When A

Friend Is Going Through A Hard Time, He Will Make Sure To Be The Shoulder They Cry On.  



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