Andrew Braden


The Basics


Name: Andrew James Braden

Age: 17 Years Young

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual (Leaning Towards Females)

Occupations: Football (Full Time), Horse Back Riding (Sometimes)

Pet(s): Sadie (Vizla), Monte (Holsteiner)

Sibling(s): Griffin Braden (Brother)

Parents: Dylan And Rachel Braden



Andrew Is A Chill Teen. He Can Be Rude At Times.. Only When He Needs To Be. Sometimes Andrew Can Be Flirty. Shrug



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Andrew Has Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes. He Is 6'1, With A Muscular Build.



Andrew Was Born In Malibu, CA On June 3rd, 2000. His Mother Is Rachel Braden And His Father Is Dylan Braden. Since He Was A Kid, Andrew Loves Football. While His Younger Brother Would Go To The Beach With His Father To Surf, Andrew Would Hang With A Few Friends To Play Football. Andrew Took On About 3 Jobs When He Was 15, Just So He Could Save Up For A Famous Football Player Jersey. (It Was Signed :')) Once He Had Enough Money Saved, He Bought It. Andrew Still Has This Jersey With Him. One Day, Andrew Was Playing Football Out In The Yard With A Few Friends, Until Griffin Came Home With Tears In His Eyes. He Explained To Andrew And Theit Mother What Had Happened. It Was Their Father.. He Had Passed Away While Surfing. Now Whenever People Go Surfing At The Beach, He Even Look. Just The Thought Of Another Death Just Spooks Him.Now He Lives In Lakewood With His Mother & Brother.




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